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Company profile

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Zhejiang Shenzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in June 1988. TheChengnan factory area of the company is located in Xianju Chengnan Development Zone, and Yangfu factory area is located in the modern block of modern industrial cluster area. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of steroid drug APIs and intermediates. An independent research and development center has been built in the company. In recent years, the company has been recognized as "the provincial high-tech research and development center", "the provincial technical center", "the provincial enterprise research institute" and "the provincial foreign trade public service platform", and has established a joint laboratory with Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2020 the company has more than 400 employees, achieving an output value of 403 million yuan and a tax revenue of 10.98 million yuan.
In recent years, the company has made unremitting efforts in scientific and technological innovation, technology center construction and enterprise management. All the operations and R&D activities of the company are conducted in accordance with the standards, and the enterprise management has been gradually standardized and normalized.

Depending on excellent quality control and rich experience in international regulatory market, Shenzhou Pharmaceutical has an advantage in international product registration and certification. The main products of the company have been passed the on-site audit of GMP by FDA of the United States, KFDA of South Korea and EU on the basis of holding the GMP certificate of China. It is one of the first Chinese enterprises holding the CEP certificate. The company has passed zero defect audits by FDA of the United States for three consecutive times, and has been highly recognized by the drug regulatory agencies of various countries in the international market, which is the first enterprise in Zhejiang province to win this honor.
Steroid drugs have a large annual demand and considerable profit. However, their production process is complicated, including the process of chemical synthesis and biosynthesis, with high technical content, long production cycle and complex reaction process, it is the typical representative of technology-intensive products. On the basis of independent research and development of steroid drugs, Shenzhou Pharmaceutical has maintained good technical cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions as well as various colleges and universities, and has rich domestic and foreign experience and innate advantages in the research of steroid drugs. In recent years, the company has undertaken a number of science and technology projects, in which 7 projects is in the execution phase, and more than 30 items have achieved scientific and technological achievements above the provincial level, including the national torch program, the national major new drug creation project, key special science and technology items for international cooperation, major science and technology projects for domestic cooperation, prize for progress in science and technology, provincial excellent new industrial products, provincial new product trial production plan, etc.

Through development for many years, the company has established a good market image, has been rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Provincial High-tech Research and Development Center", "Zhejiang Provincial Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Center", "Xianju County Import and Export Code of Conduct Enterprise", "Tax Credit Rating Level AAA", "Consumer Trustworthy Unit", "Top 10 Tax Warehousing Enterprise", "County Medical Industry Leading Enterprise", "Top 10 County Self-supporting Export Enterprise" and so on.
Based on experience in R&D and production for more than 30 years, the "three wastes" generated in the manufacturing process of APIs are large in quantity, complex in composition and high in disposal cost. While actively promoting the green process reform and responding to energy conservation and emission reduction, Shenzhou Pharmaceutical proposed two major transformation goals: One is to bulid high-end featured APIbrand and enhance product added value, and the other is to reduce the output of “three wastes”and take the road of green development.

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