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Corona statement from Shenzhou Pharma


Corona statement from Shenzhou Pharma

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To whom it may concern,



Dear customer, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic, many international flights have been suspended, shipping space are tight, and freight costs have skyrocketed. In addition, cargo on the transit flight may also be stagnated in the port of transshipment. We judge that this abnormal international transport situation will continue for a long time, which is a huge challenge to the stability of supply chain.

To avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the current abnormal international transport situation, we will make the following efforts to ensure the stability of your supply chain.
1.Since Shenzhou resumed work in mid-February, capacity has been fully restored.We are pleased to report that our API manufacturing facilities are producing API per our manufacturing plan and we anticipate no issues with meeting the demands of our customers around the world.
2.There is no infected case among the Shenzhou staff. We takes the body temperature of all those who enter the company, and those with normal body temperature are allowed to enter the company.
3.Shenzhou will give priority to direct flights for transportation.
4. If no direct flights, the port of transshipment in the place where the epidemic is not serious will be selected.
5. If no air transportation, the customer will be consulted on the use of sea transport.
6. Shenzhou will bear all the increasing cost of freight.
7. Shenzhou undertakes not to raise prices for the confirmed orders.
8. As before Shenzhou maintains its operations under the highest GMP and EHS standards. 
9. To better serve customers and reduce the impact of the epidemic on your supply chain, Shenzhou hopes that you can inform us of the demand for coming six months, as well as the shipping plan for this year, such that we can find a proper mode of transport and delivery time.
As a company with a sense of social responsibility, Shenzhou will do the best to ensure the stability of your supply chain.
Zhejiang Shenzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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