The introduction of No. 70 and No. 70 documents have outlined the general direction of regulation and the basic outline of rules for the future procurement of drugs on the net around the world. With reference to the above basic rules, while taking into account the actual situation of each place, the continuous incorporation of good local innovative experiences and measures for nationwide integration and promotion has become the dynamic mode of the new round of online procurement.

  Any policy and system has its positive aspects, but there are also aspects that may be omitted or need to be further improved, and some thoughtful suggestions are made from the perspective of the industry and enterprises.

  Fairness, reasonableness and scientificity of the procurement catalogue

  The first 80 percent of the products used in the previous year's catalogue, the greater the volume of use, the easier it is to enter the catalogue. Is it reasonable to categorically disqualify new drugs and products that have not yet been sold or have just started to be sold because the conditions for access are not met? Medical insurance nearly 5 years an adjustment, into the medical insurance, in order to catch up with the network to have the basic conditions to do large sales, just waiting for the market access this threshold, the lucky areas 3 to 5 years sales opening, unfortunately areas need to endure 8 years of resistance.

  Although the original design of the national regulation program to increase the concentration of drugs and thus improve the ability to control prices was good, and at the same time provided some market support incentives for innovative drugs in the last two years, it is also necessary to pay attention to the middle tier of products that have not yet been able to enter the medical insurance catalogue, of which there are many that are more effective, safer, more cost-effective, and also popular and needed by medical institutions. Should we give these products the same chance to survive in the market, or should we use artificial interventions to drive them all out of hospitals and monopolise the sale of old products in hospitals?

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