Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Food and Drug Administration, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Food and Drug Administration.

  According to the "national food and drug science and technology action plan (2011-2015)" requirements, held in September each year, "the national drug month" (hereinafter referred to as the month). In order to effectively carry out the activities of this year's month, the relevant matters are now notified as follows.

  I. Timing

  September 1 to October 31, 2015.

  II. Publicity focus

  Publicize and implement the Opinions of the State Council on Reforming the Review and Approval System of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Guo Fa [2015] No. 44), with in-depth interpretation and promotion around the main objectives, specific tasks and various measures of the reform; publicize the scientific concept and practical knowledge of medication, and sort out common misconceptions such as inappropriate self-medication, excessive use of antibiotics and injections, blind trust in imported drugs and high-priced drugs, etc., and Publicize the technical achievements in the field of medicine and health, enhance the public's understanding of modern medicine technology, guide industry enterprises to strengthen independent innovation and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to benefit public health; publicize and implement the relevant regulations and policy guidelines for pharmacists, establish and maintain the image of the pharmacist team and effectively play the role of pharmacist pharmacy services.

  III. Activity requirements

  (i) Strengthen organizational safeguards. Referring to the General Administration's "2015 National Medication Month Key Activities Programme" (see annex), the activities will be carefully planned and carried out, taking into account the actual situation in the region. To effectively strengthen organizational leadership, guarantee personnel and financial investment, to ensure the smooth implementation of activities and the formation of large-scale momentum. Encourage and guide the active participation of social groups, scientific research institutes, large enterprises, the press and media, and science popularization organizations to pool the resources of all parties to jointly carry out thematic publicity activities.

  (2) Do a good job of publicity and promotion. Use the unified "National Drug Month" logo. In-depth policy interpretation around the document Guo Fa [2015] No. 44. Mobilize the general public in the region to actively participate in the "Drug Knowledge Contest". Increase the promotion of books, TV films and micro-videos on the use of medicines. Organize influential urban media in the region to focus on the month's activities and important news and information.

  (iii) Improve the effectiveness of the activities. To strengthen the integration of traditional media such as radio and television, newspapers and magazines, and new media such as "two micro ends" to form a diversified communication pattern. Adhere to the popular propaganda ideas and methods, close to the needs of the public, to attract public participation. Strengthen the use of visual information technology in the field of pharmaceutical science and technology, with the use of images and light text combined with infographics, short videos and other means to enhance the impact of the content and "on the ground" effect.

  (iv) Summarize experiences and practices. Pay attention to summarize the effectiveness and experience of the month's activities and submit the electronic version of the summary report to the Department of Public Information of the General Administration by November 16. Please pay close attention to the General Administration's website and microblogs to obtain timely information about the month.

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